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  • EuroBeam coming soon


    Eurocodes have been under discussion for more than a few years - see our Future of BS449 page, but we are finally at the stage where all the relevant codes and National Annexes have been published. Some useful web sites:
    Eurocodes provide a consistent design approach across all materials. Over the last 10+ years a lot of Eurocode thinking has found its way into British Standards so for steel design not too much changes. The big change is with timber design where EC5 brings limit state design to timber for the first time (in the UK anyway).


    We are now working on a new program, EuroBeam, which will ultimately replace SuperBeam and ProSteel. The expectation is that it will look and work just like these two and combine their functionality, i.e. steel and timber beam and column design and checking, beam web openings, connections and beam splices, though my current thinking is that the first release will contain beam and column checking only, with the other options being added in progressively.

    Here are answers to some of the questions you may have:


    EuroBeam ships when it does! I'll be disappointed if version 1.0 isn't released in Q1 2010 but this is not a promise.


    Pricing will be decided when the product is ready for release, but will probably be similar to the combined SuperBeam + ProSteel new user price (?239). Update cover will probably be ?70p.a., the current combined price for SuperBeam and ProSteel and will include updates to these programs if you own them, though after 2010 it is likely that all significant enhancements will go into EuroBeam only.

    Existing users of SuperBeam and ProSteel

    We have always looked after our existing customers so will be giving deep discounts to users who have SuperBeam and ProSteel with current update cover. Other users will be offered a discount depending on which product(s) they have and the length of any unexpired update cover. My current thinking is that if you have one product only, you'll be offered EuroBeam with 12 months update cover for about ?120-150, less ?10 for each full quarter of unexpired cover

    I'm thinking of buying SuperBeam and/or ProSteel - should I wait for EuroBeam

    No, if you need one or both, buy it/them now and they'll be saving you time and money. As outlined above, you'll be able to buy EuroBeam at a good discount when it is released. EuroBeam will not be able to read SuperBeam or ProSteel files, but future releases of both these programs will include an option to save projects as a EuroBeam file.

    EuroBeam is a registered trade mark of Greentram Software Pty. Ltd. The information above is given in good faith but does not bind Greentram Software to release any product. Prices given are indicative only, apply to single user licences and are subject to change.
    Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd

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    Re: EuroBeam - your questions answered

    Just a little update to say that work on EuroBeam is progressing well. As I see little reason to change it, the user interface will probably be identical to SuperBeam and ProSteel.

    Apart from the actual calculations being somewhat different, the significant changes so far have been to revise column load entry so as to put dead and live loads on separate rows (as for beams), thus making room on the printout for the additional load cases, and for beam and column load entry allowing the type of each live load (or action as we should now be calling loads) to be defined - different factors apply to ordinary floor loads, storage etc. The program will take care of these for you, so the process of producing a calculation will hardly change. I would though encourage everyone who expects to be producing Eurocode-based calculations to make time to get familiar with the relevant requirements.
    Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd