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    Hi Tony

    Trust you are well

    I am writing some scripts to design catnic lintels and have come across a bit of a problem which I cannot fathom

    Output.Add('Required lintel length = '+FormatFloat('####',LLength)+' mm. (span, '
    +FormatFloat('0.0#',Span)+'m. is to centre of bearings), min 150mm bearings');

    Output.Add('Unfactored load carried by lintel = '+FormatFloat('##.0',TotLoadu)+' kN');

    I thought TotLoadu was the unfactored load but it seems to use the factored load so always appears to give a lintel greater than necessary

    Am I using the wrong figure in the script ?

    Also in another script for catnic CGE lintels it stops at the line below

    Output.insert(1, '<e>Use Catnic Cavity Lintel nominal width') - its the e that has the < > in red so assume this is the problem but its same line I
    lifted from the catnic cg lintel script which apart from using the wrong load

    many thanks and stay safe



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    Thanks for the report: I've checked this out and as you say the factored load is incorrectly returned for TotLoadu if you have selected 6.10 as the load entry option. The correct value is returned if 6.10a/b is selected. I cannot replicate the problem with the <e> (emphasise) tag but note that the error messages sometimes don't report the correct location of the error.
    Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd