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  • 3.21h Update

    Hi Tony

    I updated my Eurobeam this week to 3.21h, and spent much of Thursday using it. I’ve encountered the following issues (this is the first update I’ve done for about 18 months, so they might not relate to the latest changes)

    1 On the beam load input page, the self-weight load o.w. defaults to an ‘R’ type from 0 to 0! You have to change it to ‘U’ type every time, unless you have a cantilever.

    2 In the steel beam bearing design, the masonry strength defaults to zero each time, instead of the most recently used value.

    3 In the column design section, the steel grade defaults to S235 each time, regardless of what you have set (normally S355) in Configurations/User Setup.

    4 When setting the effective length of a steel beam, clicking the UP arrow decreases the effective length, and vice versa. It is more intuitive (and used to be the case) for the UP arrow to increase the effective length.

    I like the enhancements to the load input methods 😊

    Best wishes


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    > I like the enhancements to the load input methods 😊

    Having spent a bit more time using the new load imput methods, I don't think they are working quite as expected.


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      Thank you for the feedback. In reply:
      1. Assuming it's a beam with no cantilevers, the type should automatically change from 'R' to 'U' when you first press Apply. If it doesn't, a R (part UDL) load with start and end positions of 0 and L is the same as a UDL anyway, Following a user's suggestion, the way in which auto o.w. loads are handled will be changed slightly: they'll be given a load type of 'O' and will always appear at the top of the load list
      2. This will be fixed in the next release.
      3. This will be fixed in the next release.
      4. I have more than one debate with myself over this. The order of the support conditions (A-G) follows the order in which they appear in Table 13 of BS5950, thus 'Up' takes you up the list (towards A) and vice versa (towards G).
      5. Re the new load quick entry methods, what's not working as you expect?
      Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd


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        Hi Tony

        I've tried to make a short video clip to show the issues, with a talk-oveer commentary. Unfortunately my sound quality is rubbish so you may have trouble hearing it. Essentially, the main issue seems to be that when you are entering a line on a beam load, if you enter it by clicking or CTRL+clicking the new buttons, after you type a description, e.g. 'ceiling', and then TAB to move to the load cell, the entry in the Load Type column gets corrupted, and this messes up what happens next.

        I've spotted another small issue, in a new job, the first time you enter a timber beam, the deflection limits default to BS5268 values, not Eurocode ones.

        I hope you can make sense of these comments while viewing the video clip linked below, even if you can't hear the sound!

        Eurobeam update 3.21h beam entry issues