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Running SuperBeam or ProSteel on a Mac

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    Re: Running SuperBeam or ProSteel on a Mac

    Thank you for this message and your suggestions


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      Re: Running SuperBeam or ProSteel on a Mac

      iPads and Macs are use different operating systems and I'm not aware on anything that will let you run Windows apps on an iPad
      Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd


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        Originally posted by MBC-Tesch
        Re: Running SuperBeam or ProSteel on a Mac

        Dear all,

        I have just joined the Forum to update you on running SuperBeam, Eurobeam and ProSteel on a Mac. I have downloaded the 3 Demos and I am using CrossOver by CodeWeavers. CrossOver is a Mac OS X And now that Apple is transitioning to its own M1 chips, if you want to run Linux your only option is PC hardware. application that runs windows software. In the CodeWeavers website their description is:

        "CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows applications and PC Games on your Mac. CrossOver is simple, affordable, and best of all requires no Windows license. Your Windows software runs natively on Mac OS; just click and run"

        They have a list of known apps that work and do not work and they grade them with Medals Gold, Silver and Bronze depending on stability and severity of bugs.

        CodeWeavers support a number of Windows Software programmes, mainly Games and other major packages like MS Office and Project, they have a list where they record sponsorship of programmes that you want them to support and depending on popularity they do or not.

        There are many programmes that work really well and are unsupported, for example I found that .NET requirements for the programmes affects the likelihood of them working.

        I have been running and made a few demo calculations on SB, EB and ProSteel for the last 4 hours and they worked a treat! I will be letting CodeWeavers know and this will probably raise the profile of Greentram Software as I have been very impressed on value, ease of use, features and most of all how well written the help files are, giving tones of external reference and tips.

        One last thing CodeWeavers run a porting service (like a iOS envolope for Windows Software), watch the video of porting is very amusing and informative and this could open the massive iOS market to this very well crafted and simple software. I would make an enquiry myself but it has to be the owner of the software...

        As I think my trial is the first time anyone has tried SB, EB and ProSteel on Crossover I don't know if bugs will developed later on but I had the three programmes running at the same time and I had no problems and other times trying other software I noticed after a while that they were not working properly or things were starting to play-up.

        I am sorry for the long post and hope this info helps a few as I concur with a few other posts that the Structural Software industry is mainly Windows focus. Crossover costs ?38 or $60.

        Best wishes,
        Manuel Bello-Cano
        MBC Tech
        And now that Apple is transitioning to its own M1 chips, if you want to run Linux your only option is PC hardware.