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  • Splices

    Hello - I designed a splice for a 254UC73 using Prosteel 7 and everything said it passed. However, when running the same splice through another software package it fails on numerous levels - especially plate thickness and size. Please can anyone comment?

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    ProSteel (and EuroBeam) check the plate for adequate strength. In addition you should note the following from SCI AD243 :

    It is recommended, if possible, to use a splice with cover plates sized to provide adequate stiffness, by making the moment of inertia of the splice material at least as great as that of the member, considering both axes. This is normally relatively easy to achieve by providing at least as much area in the cover plates as in the relevant element of the member cross section.

    As it's a recommendation, a small shortfall should not be an issue, but otherwise this is a good guide to plate sizing to ensure adequate stiffness.
    Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd