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  • - a useful resource

    Today i found this site - - which contains lots of useful information. To quote:

    "Good engineers don't need to remember every formula; they just need to know where they can find them."

    Welcome to StructX, the home to a collection of information pertaining to all things structural engineering. StructX was started in an effort to provide a comprehensive and freely accessible resource for the structural engineering community. A place where anyone can go to find information on the methods and formulas adopted world wide by structurally minded people.

    Click on the Issue 1 V1.06 link on the home page to download all the site content relating to beams, arches and frames as a single PDF document.
    Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd

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    Re: - a useful resource

    Thank you so much!
    A structural engineers gold mine!