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  • Problems saving projects

    Hi Tony

    got a bit of a problem with superbeam 7.20d

    when I set up the project data it seems to not want to form the initial file
    which I get round by putting in a couple of sheets then 'save as' which is fine but then when I try and continue and try and save the file it brings up a dialog box to sent it to the recycle bin but nothing else

    so I have to 'save as' again which then over writes the initial file with the warning that I am going to do this and then sends the old file and back up to the recycle bin

    this does not happen in prosteel or eurobeam

    not sure why its started to do this



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    Re: Problems saving projects

    This has been fixed in 7.20, now available for download via the Check for Updates option in the usual way.
    Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd


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      I have a similar issue with both SuperBeam and ProSteel whereby I am getting saves to a project as a new file rather than overwriting a single file, so end up with a few of them with a number at the end. The one without the number is the most recent, so the numbered ones are like a file history. This is 7.21. I should add that this only started after the latest W10 update.


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