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Bug in Additional moments - Columns

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  • Bug in Additional moments - Columns

    Hi Tony,

    More grief...

    Create a column, add loads etc in the usual way, set section and base parameters etc etc. Then add an additional moment under the load tab.

    Copy the column and paste to create a new column.

    Edit the new column and remove the additional moments, press apply and close. You will still see the additional moments in the detail calculations but the loads tab in the dialogue box is blank.


    Nick J

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    Re: Bug in Additional moments - Columns

    Yes, I can confirm this is a bug. To remove an additional moment you need to replace the field contents with '0' and press 'Apply'; just deleting the field contents doesn't do this - it should. I will add this to the fix list when I return to Melbourne next week.
    Tony Bryer, Greentram Software Pty Ltd


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      Re: Bug in Additional moments - Columns

      It's also automatically guessing my load names and moving onto the next cell rather than waiting for me to confirm it, causing me to stop and re-select the previous cell to overwrite what it has entered. This happens again on the next cell too. What's worse is that it's happening on PS5 too.