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  • Tony Bryer
    Re: Load input field lengths

    The maximum load field lengths are to do with pagination. Back in DOS days it was easy: generally we could print 80 characters on a line, period and they were allocated to the different columns accordingly. Now we let you choose the font you use for printing so the number of characters on a line is indeterminate. Over the years we received requests from some users to make the load description longer, whilst others wanted longer load expressions. What we ended up doing was lengthening them all (whilst keeping sensible limits) and then dynamically setting the column widths at print time to reflect the data entered. If you enter long load descriptions, long load expressions and choose a larger font, the various fields will overlap one another but this rarely happens, and if it does the solution for the user concerned is to choose a smaller or narrower font.

    Having considered your suggestion, what I will do on the next release is to follow the same principle on the load entry table - each time you press 'Apply' the maximum width of the data entered in each column will be calculated and the columns resized automatically. In most cases this will mean that all the data remains visible, though, as with printing, entering the maximum number of characters in every field will leave only part of the data visible. I hope that when you see this version it will address your problem and would thank you for raising this.

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  • D Turnbull
    started a topic Load input field lengths

    Load input field lengths

    There are a limited number of characters allowed in these fields which I imagine is to do with the pagination but when inputting formulae up to the maximum length 3 or 4 characters do not show in the box. If you then click on the box to edit the curser jumps to the last character. I have two suggestions:
    1. make the visible size of the box longer so all permitted characters are visible. (preferable) or
    2. Allow the field width to be changed (like in excel by dragging) manually.